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Stopelon NFT Farming Platform/Smart contract

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Earn “Farm Points”
Destroy(Burn) remaining NFTs
Receive NFT

Exchange “Farm Points” for NFTs (fee~0.01BNB*)

Mint NFTs on

Design monthly NFTs
* Fees are used for NFT design and farm maintenance costs


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Buy or acquire Stopelon

Download Trust Wallet on your phone for Android or set up your browser with MetaMask extension for PC and then buy enough STOPELON for your target NFT tier between 1M and 1B. If you need to buy STOPELON you can follow our guide: How to buy


Stake Stopelon on

Connect to via DApps on Android or PC and make sure to connect to Binance Smart Chain and once you connect your wallet to unifty you will see the stake controls and the list of available NFT rewards in the farm. The estimate amounts of staked Stopelon for each tier are:

Stone NFT: 1,000,000 Stopelon – 2,500,000 Stopelon

Bronze NFT: 10,000,000 Stopelon – 25,000,000 Stopelon

Silver NFT: 100,000,000 Stopelon – 250,000,000 Stopelon

Gold NFT: 500,000,000 Stopelon – 1,000,000,000 Stopelon

If you are using another dapps compatible wallet or the above links do not work for you, then you can open up the dapps browser, copy our farm address and visit it manually:


Earn “Farm Points”

After you stake your desired Stopelon amount, you will start to receive points right away every block. With current configuration the base award rate is 10 points per 24 hours for every 1 Stopelon stacked in the farm.


Exchange “Farm Points” for NFTs

When you have enough points for your chosen NFT you can exchange the points and claim the NFT through To claim the NFT you will need to approve the transaction which includes a small fee of 0.01 BNB which goes for NFT design and farm maintenance costs. The current NFT tier point requirements are:

Stone NFT: 350,000,000

Bronze NFT: 3,500,000,000

Silver NFT: 35,000,000,000

Gold NFT: 150,000,000,000


Receive NFT

The NFT is now yours! You can unstake your tokens or leave them in the farm to collect more points for the next round.

Frequently asked questions

NFT farming is the process of staking a token in exchange for points, which can be later used to claim NFT rewards. This process is managed by a NFT farm, which is a smart contract deployed on the blockchain and provides the required functionality for the staking, point distribution and NFT claims.

Holders interact with the farm with the help of a dapp (decentralized application) like which is developed to interact with the farm smart contract. Owners of the contract can add NFT rewards and burn unclaimed ones to provide limited supply for the holders.

By staking your tokens in a farm, you lend them to the contract where they are locked until you decide to unstake them and receive them back to your wallet.

NFT farming have some advantages over traditional NFT airdropping, some of which include:

Airdropping NFT rewards directly to holders requires payment of ETH gas fees which have risen quickly and continue to rise to unsustainable levels. This is exacerbated by the fact that many Stopelon holders are completely uninterested in holding NFTs, yet we still have to incur the cost in sending every single one.

Farming NFTs on the BSC network incurs a much smaller gas fee, this is handled by the holder who can decide whether it is worth the cost on an individual basis. NFT rewards distributed from a farm encourage the community to stake tokens, therefore committing to holding Stopelon for a set period of time. This provides extra stability as it creates more HODLers. There is however no lock-in, you are free to unstake your tokens at any point in time, you just wont receive your NFT!

Providing NFT rewards to stakers only strengthens the community and makes joining an attractive prospect, the resulting rewards are also rarer than they would be with blanket distribution.

NFT farming is scalable and gives a single answer to the question “When NFT?”, resulting in a happier team and community.

The small claim fee allows for marketing and dev wallet buyback, which supports the project and provides small increases in Stopelon price.

No, staking your tokens on our NFT farm will not trigger 10% tax, and you will remain with your full amount of tokens once you unstake them.

No, when you stake your tokens, you lend them to the farm and you will not receive reflections based on tokenomics for that amount

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